KESES would now like to introduce certification courses to its members and non-members over the course of a year. Each course will have specific dates and will have set requirements in order for an individual to successfully engage in our courses.

Each will allow one the opportunity to master and practice skills in minimal access surgery.
This is a brief outline of each course:




Recommended for Enthusiasts, Medical students and Junior Doctors interested in training for Level 1 Laparoscopic skills.

This 2 – day course is recommended for all interested in furthering their career in Minimal Access Surgery as an initial stepping stone.

This will cover the following:

  1. Talks and CME’S from KESES faculty
  2. 8-10 different basic skills stations
  3. Demonstrations on Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy tower setup and electrosurgery.
  4. Pre & Post assessment tests
  5. Skills checklist
  6. It will cover skills to allow surgeons to do laparoscopic Bilateral Tubal ligation, Laparoscopic treatment of ectopic pregnancies and laparoscopic simple ovarian cystectomies. It Includes lap. Appendectomy and diagnostic laparoscopies.




This is a 2 – day certification course

Recommended for Professionals interested in Level 2 and Level 3 Laparoscopic surgery. This includes those surgeons already doing basic laparoscopy and wanting to further their skills.

This will cover:

  1. A recap of the Basics in Minimal Access Surgery course.
  2. One live surgery demonstration: either Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy/ Laparoscopic Myomectomy or Laparoscopic removal of Type 1 or 2 Endometriosis
  3. It also introduces the learner to basic suturing in Laparoscopy and will involve multiple teaching and hands on exercises.
  4. Further discussions of basics of various energy sources.
  5. 8 – 10 workstations with intermediate level exercises
  6. Pre and post test evaluation and practical station.





This is a certification and accreditation 2 – day course.Recommended for nurses who work in theatres with minimal access surgery.

This is a ‘must-do’ course for any clinician scrubbing in and preparing for a laparoscopic case.

This will cover:

  1. Tower, Trolley, Equipment and Instrument setup and attributes
  2. 8-10 skills stations
  3. Setup and electro-surgery demo.
  4. Pre and Post assessment test.




Recommended for surgeons interested in being trained in Level 4 & 5 minimal invasive procedures and proficiency in suturing skills.

This 2 –day course will include International faculty and will be an event for all to look forward to.

This will cover:

  1. Recap and assessment of basic and intermediate courses
  2. 2- 3 surgical demonstrations in procedures such as: Advanced stage 3 and/or stage 4 endometriosis, Frozen pelvis or multiple previous scars and oncology.
  3. advanced suturing will be taught and further assessed
  4. detailed information on all available and newer energy sources
  5. CME’s and courses on Oncological principles in laparoscopic surgery
  6. 8-10 skills stations
  7. Pre and posttest assessment.