Encourage exchange of clinical information

To encourage the exchange of clinical experience, science , thought and investigation amongst all specialities on the acceptable techniques in all disciplines of Endoscopic procedures.

Promoting Endoscopic Procedures

To encourage the promotion Endoscopic procedures amongst colleagues and institutions, for the benefit of the patient.

Encouraging Research

To encourage research in Endoscopic Surgery and related techniques.

Fostering Development

To foster and further the development corporation and mutual relationships with institutions and relevant appropriate Medical Societies in the region and internationally , so as to disseminate the acc

Acquire Affiliation

To seek the required affiliation from the appropriate Authorities.

Propagate Definitions

To propagate the agreed definitions and terminology with regards to Endoscopic procedures.

Recommendation the Standards of Training

To recommend the standards of Training in Endoscopic Surgery to the various relevant societies, statutory bodies, government and private instituions.

Regulate Equality

To regulate the equality of Endoscopic procedures provided in our institutions, so as to uphold high and acceptable standards in Kenya